Bicycle Built for Four

Innovative Kranz Intermediate School Student Builds Bicycle Built for Four

If you look around the streets El Monte you might catch a glimpse of bright blue classic Volkswagen Bus pedaling down the street.  The replica of the VW bus is actually a bicycle built for 4 created by Kranz Intermediate School student, Elemy Vite. 

      Elemy is part of Kranz Intermediate’s Project Lead the Way program and completed her VW Bus project in Tim Otter’s Wood Shop class. 

     “I really like classic cars so I wanted to do something that looked like a classic,” said Elemy.  “I worked on the VW Bus for a long time, about six months, and it was a lot of hard work but worth it.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.”

      Mr. Otters couldn’t be prouder of Elemy’s dedication and skills and the innovative project she created.

     “Elemy had great foresight in creating her VW Bus,” said Otters.  “From the concept of the project to the end result she kept going with it and worked through different challenges that arose each day.  I’m very proud of her determination and willingness to work hard to complete such a large project.”

      Made of wood and fiberglass, the VW Bus Bike was transformed from a simple wood frame to the amazing completed version by carrying out a variety of steps during the six months Elemy worked on it.

Helping with the construction of the bus was fellow student, Andy Pena who joined Elemy during class and before and after school to complete the highly detailed bus. 

      “I built the wood frame and then had to add concrete tubes to the corners, trowel fiberglass and drywall and there was a lot of sanding.  It seems like I was sanding forever!” said Elemy.   “We did a lot of testing along the way for different things like wheel placement, weight, and other stuff and I learned a lot as I went along.  I’m really glad I did it.”

     Inside the bus and providing the pedal power are two bikes that Mr. Otter’s picked up at a thrift store.  Elemy welded and bonded the bikes together, making a frame for the interior of the bus.  Additionally, she made a trailer to pull behind so that the VW Bus can transport four people.

     “This was a really fun project.  I really like riding in it and can’t wait to take friends for a ride.”

      Industrial Arts is thriving at Kranz Intermediate under Mr. Otter’s direction.  His students have made innovative and beautiful projects such as jewelry boxes, wardrobes, model cars and more. 

     “Vocational arts crosses all the curricular areas,” said Otters.  “While working on their vocational and industrial arts projects students conduct research, use critical thinking skills, write, use mathematical computations, and utilize technology.  I encourage my students to use the skills they learn in class to fix things around their house.”

        Elemy hopes to continue taking Project Lead the Way classes in high school and continue building her skills in vocational and industrial arts. 

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